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NEW: Currently Available Every Day All Day Long :)

Breakfast Burrito [gf] -$17

Gluten free tortilla, tofu scramble, Black Beans, Corn, Kale, Pico de Gallo and Chipotle Aioli. Covered in hollandaise aioli with a side of rosemary potatoes. 

Add cheese for $2 - Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan or Feta 

Avocado Toast [sf] -$14

Two slices of sourdough toast, fresh avocado, tomato, kale, and feta. Yes, it’s vegan! 

Ajvar Toast [sf] -$14

Two slices of sourdough toast, ajvar, kale and red onion.

Chocolate Toast [sf] -$14

Two slices of sourdough toast, banana, strawberries, chocolate syrup, powdered sugar.

Combo Toasts - All 3 -One of Each - $19

Brunch Burger - $19

Beyond or veggie patty, cheddar, pickles, tomato, onion, tofu scramble, and hollandaise aioli with a side of rosemary potatoes.
*Double patty with extra cheese -  $25

Pancakes and Sausages ! [gf, sf] - $18 

Three gluten free pancakes and two Beyond sausages. Served with margarine, and maple syrup. 

Cauliflower Wings and Waffles [gf, sf] - $19

Sweet waffles, savory fried cauliflower wings, served with margarine, maple syrup, and buffalo sauce on the side.

Sweet Waffles - $15 

Sweet waffles served with margarine, maple syrup.

Add fruit for $1 each.

Tofu Scramble Plate  -$17

Tofu scramble with kale, tomato and mushrooms with a side of rosemary potatoes and sourdough toast. 

Add cheese for $2 - Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan or Feta 

Brunchpanadas - $14

Three Empanadas filled with cream cheese and guava.

Add extra Empanada - $4 

Chilaquiles - $16

Chips, pico, chipotle aioli, tofu scramble, parmesan, and lime. 
Add: Guac, Seitan or Jackfruit for $3. 

Jackfruit Lox - $19

Everything bagel, cream cheese, tomato, red onion, jackfruit, and a sprinkle of kale with a side of rosemary potatoes.

Banana Split - $15
Banana, Three scoops of Ice Cream, Topped with Cherries, Strawberry Syrup, Chocolate Sauce.


Side of Rosemary Potatoes - $5

Side of Beyond Sausage - $7

Side Slice of Toast - $3

Side of Avocado or Tofu - $3
Side of Jackfruit or Seitan - $5
Hollandaise Aioli - $1
Chocolate Sauce -$1
Strawberry Syrup - $1
Maple Syrup - $1

Don’t feel like brunchin’? 

Our regular menu is available at all times. Including Soups, Salads, Sides, Wraps, Desserts and so much more.  

Brunch Menu: About Us
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